Moringa lemonade recipe

Moringa and panela limonade recipe

More about Panela

Panela manufacture of sugar from cane juice gives a mild, caramel-like flavour which is superb for baking and sweetening food and drinks.
It contains the natural goodness of minerals and vitamins inherently present in sugarcane juice and this crowns it as one of the most wholesome and healthy foods in the world with 5 times more minerals than brown sugar and some unique medicinal properties.


Moringa half-moon pumpkin

Moringa half-moons pumpkin

Moringa half-moons pumpkin

Irish folks there have a legend of a drunken farmer, whose dealings with the devil led to him being turned back at both the gates of heaven and hell upon his death. Forced to wander the darkness of purgatory, Jack made an o’lantern from a turnip and lump of burning coal to guide his lost soul. Every Halloween, communities in Ireland would craft their own turnip lamps to scare him and other wayward spirits away. The tradition became pumpkin-ified when Irish immigrants found the orange veggie sprouting in abundance in North America.

Moringa salad dressing

Refreshing Moringa Salad Dressing

Refreshing moringa salad dressing

Salad dressings have a long and colorful history, dating back to ancient times. The Babylonians used oil and vinegar for dressing greens nearly 2,000 years ago. Egyptians favored a salad dressed with oil, vinegar and Asian spices. Mayonnaise is said to have made its debut at a French Nobleman’s table over 200 years ago.