Moringa Stenopetala

Uses and benefits


Moringa leaves have the calcium of four glasses of milk, the vitamin C of seven oranges (when raw), four times the vitamin A of carrots, three times the potassium of bananas, it has tripled the iron of spinach and more impressive attributes than olive oil exceeding even the amount in patent medicines. Since the dried leaves are concentrated, they even contain higher amounts of many of these nutrients.

The most remarkable characteristic of the tree is the low level of toxic substances, the high level of proteins in seeds and branches, the excellence of seed oil, and the prevalence of growth factors, such as sugar and starch in the leaves.

Multiple uses of the tree


Virtually all parts of the tree except the wood are edible or can be processed for therapeutic, prophylactic, medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

All parts of the tree except the wood are edible providing a highly nutritious food for both humans and animals. The flowers are a good nectar source for honey and the seeds are a rich oil source for cooking and lubricant uses. Many parts of the plant have been used in medicinal preparations. Whole plants have been used as living hedges, fences and windbreaks. The wood is very soft; useful for paper but makes low-grade firewood and poor charcoal. Also in recent decades the dried crushed seeds has been used as a coagulant similar to the chemical aluminium.

Moringa has even power to purify very turbid and muddy water to become drinkable and safe and can feed the hunger.

In Konso moringa has many purposes from fodder, using their sticks to clean eyelashes, the leaves to cover local beer, also used as gate for local compound being a soft wood and as a staple food whose local speciality is korkofa or dama consistent into moringa mixed with sorghum/maize balls. Moringa is life for Konso.

Energy content

 Content / Calories (100gr)

Calories 205 calgr
Proteins 27,10gr
Crude Fibers 19,20gr
Moisture 7,50gr
Fat 2,30gr
Carbohydrates 38,20gr


Content / Calories (100gr)

Potassium 1324mg
Calcium 2003mg
Magnesium 368mg
Sulfur 870mg
Phosphorus 204mg
Iron 28,20mg
Copper 0,60mg


 Content / Calories (100gr)

Vitamin C 17,30mg
A-B Carotene 16,30mg
Vitamin E 113mg
Vitamin B2 20,50mg
Vitamin B3 8,20mg
Vitamin B1 2,60mg