Our vision in Konso

Konso is one among the eight special Woredas (districts) in the southern nations, nationalities and peoples’ regional state (SNNPRS). Its hilly and mountainous land have been under cultivation on rain fed terrace fields for hundreds of years turning this mix farming agriculture Konso’s main economy source.
Konso hard working people managed to survive in the marginal environment using indigenous knowledge and skills in water and soil conservation practice that enabled them to make optimal use of unfavourable terrain and climatic conditions in innovative manner, by curving the land and putting organic fertilizers like animal dung and stocks of the cereal crops as a survival strategy over centuries.
This creative and noble work culture qualified Konso people in 1995 with the UN green prize among the best fifty communities all over the globe and additionally Konso landscape was recognized and registered as historical heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011. 

Despite this marvellous deed and achievements, erratic rain, frequent drought, rapid population growth, depletion of natural resource, etc reflects on the chronic food insecurity suffered by Konso people. Since the last decade, the government has been trying to launch food security and poverty reduction activities. However, government initiatives alone were not sufficient to alleviate this multifaceted socioeconomic problem that is why Konso Development Association (KDA) was founded in 1993.


KDA exists to carry out development activities by mobilising local resources primarily and seeking external support that gradually alleviate the prevailing development constraints and brings positive change in socio-economic condition of Konso people. Waka Waka shares the same values and our together cooperation brings visible impact by working on areas not given priority by other development actors. Our contribution to the community is based on educating and bringing job opportunities for local Konso women. This population segment self-efficiency will indirectly have social impact on Konso families, economy and children’s education. We want thus to bring a progress even one step further for all local community. Our compromise, 1% of our benefits are assigned to KDA farming projects. You are also part of this progress!