Waka Waka Projects

First moringa storage and process room in Konso and in Ethiopia

Konso used moringa stenopetala for last 100 and 100 of years as day to day supplement food. This plant has been beneficial for Konso community for its high nutrient composition as the basis of their food and it will also be beneficial within the developed countries as supplement and healthy food in the organic markets.

Because of its abundance and enormous supply, excess moringa is thrown as trash and farm waste. This waste is through our project an open door for trading for an isolated region and thereby a source of income for this local community living under poverty.

We are bringing some financial stability to Konso women creating local female employment. Our main team members are women. On the other hand, run by our collaborator SOS Sahel, we are training Konso women to get the best moringa ready for your afterwards delight. Training is based on processing moringa leaves in the proper manner following the western organic food ideology. Our consumers get the best quality moringa stenopetala leaves without alteration of the original properties. We bring you this high nutritional “magic tree” fresh from the trees.

The project will have a positive impact on the economic, social and also physical well-being of the area. Every 1% of Waka Waka sales goes to our partner Konso Development Association (KDA) which also entertain local project in benefit of local farmers.


Kedija Endris Seyid
Cashier, head of production and supervision. She was graduated in public nurse and worked as supervisor of children under five years old for four years in the malnutrition feeding centre donated by Save the Children USA in Konso. She is also the one who brings wealth to the company.

Rahel Otayita Borana
She is a student and has an experience of Moringa preparation, sieving and packaging for the last eight years. She is still working in the Z and D Moringa company as Moringa powder sales and delivery; farm management.

Zinet Endris Seyid
She reached grade 10 at the college, she is married, has a son and had more than 10 years experience in preparing Moringa food for local people. Within the company her duties are in drying, processing and packaging.

Ayelech Ayano Jillo
She is currently a 10 level grade student, single and had an experience of more than 7 years in preparing Moringa food for local people. Like Zinet her tasks within the company are based on drying, processing and packaging.